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Students learn the foundations, religions, and philosophies of different forms of government, including ours. Students also learn the mechanics of how our own government functions. Using some lecture, plenty of class discussion, some video clips, and simulation games, we'll further our understanding of the land where we live. We focus on discussing and understanding how our government has changed throughout its history, from a republic to a representative democracy—including the risks from that democracy.

Students will also discover how to become involved in our government, whether they are old enough to vote or not. We will discuss many things to further our understanding of justice, liberty, equality, and other complex ideas. This is an excellent opportunity for Christians to gain a biblical perspective of the system in which we operate every day, and of God's requirements for us in dealing with our country and our government.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will earn one half credit in Government.


"First, let me say thanks so much for the class last week. [My daughter] came home talking about it each evening. She really did learn a lot, and you kept it interesting. 9:30-3:00pm can be a long day to talk about government! But she didn’t complain and really was interested in learning the subject matter. So thank you very much!" – Connie, 2014

"This Spring my son is taking Government at the local community college. He was unable to get the required textbook before the first exam so he just studied all his notes from your class two years earlier. You will be amazed to hear, as I was, that he made the highest grade in the class on that exam! Thanks for all you do to help our students succeed!" – A Grateful Homeschool Mom

"Three of my five children have now taken Economics and Government from Camille Goldston. All of them thoroughly enjoyed the classes and I was thrilled that they gained a Christian world-view in the instruction of these important subjects. Our family has opted to allow our children to take AP exams for college credit in high school rather than take community college dual credit classes. Interestingly, both of our older girls passed the US Government and Politics AP exam and earned 3 hours of college credit for their scores! We attribute that largely to the great foundation that Camille provides in her week-long class. The only other thing the girls did to prepare for the exam was to self-study using the Princeton Review AP US Government and Politics study guide." – Evangeline Reed, homeschooling mother of five


Homework and Testing: The only evening homework is to review notes from class; we start each morning with a review and a quiz of the previous day's material. On the last afternoon students will see all of the same quiz questions again in the form of a final exam for the class. The final also includes one essay concerning ideas discussed in class. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to each student on the last afternoon. Final grades will be mailed within two weeks following the class.

Recommended ages: Fifteen to seventeen. Students fourteen or younger are occasionally admitted depending on the abilities and maturity of the student.

Materials: Each student will need to bring a spiral notebook and pen, plus a lunch each day, and snacks if he wishes. We order pizza for lunch on Friday.

Cost: Course tuition is $175. A non-refundable deposit of $75 is due upon enrollment; the balance is due on or before the first day of class. (Note: If you reserve a spot and your student does not attend the class, you are still obligated to pay the full tuition amount.)

Registration (Opens January 2018): If your student has never taken a Whetstone class, please request an application using the form available on our Contact page. Currently enrolled students and students from previous summer classes are not required to re-register, but must submit a deposit to guarantee a place in the class. Students are taken on a first-come, first-served basis, and classes fill quickly. We advise you to submit your deposit as soon as possible to secure a spot. Mail your deposit (check or money order) to: Whetstone Instructional Support, 6311 Merona Lane, Houston, Texas, 77041.

Dress code: Girls must wear loose-fitting shirts that have sleeves, with capris, jeans, or skirts (no shorts). Boys must wear shirts that have sleeves, and must not wear T-shirts with inappropriate wording or short shorts.

Carpool: If you are interested in carpooling with another family, please let me know, and I will put you in touch with any other parents that are also interested.

2018 Summer Class Dates:


May 14th - 18th


June 4th - 8th