Writing Workshops

The workshop will begin by gathering the problems that all writers face, then walk through the first six weeks of lessons.
The rest of the day is spent looking at the components of the rest of the curriculum—explaining its goals, terms, lessons, and the 11 paragraph essays students write at the end of the year.
Christian and Christian classical schools have used it all over the country. Thousands of home-schoolers have used it over the past ten years and their numbers increase every year. Classical Conversations has also added it to their program.

Here are one student’s words:  "This year has been truly amazing. I have really developed skills that helped me with all my other classes, in particular Roman History. I did not notice how much better I was writing until my last essay:-)  Then I really saw how much I learned. I catch myself using schemes in anything I write, not only schoolwork but also personally. Thank you so much this year for challenging and encouraging me. This class went by way too fast. I will see you next year!"  (Becca, 9th grade)

This curriculum relieves the reluctant writers and boosts the eager ones.

We’ll entertain all questions about how to use it and why:
  • how it compares to IEW (which recommends LTW in later grades),
  • how it teaches students to think
  • other benefits of good thinking and good writing
  • how Lost Tools cultivates deeper thinking
  • how it builds a foundation for every kind of writing, thinking, and study
  • why students love it
Participants will leave understanding the program and feeling ready to teach it. Come experience the benefits of this amazing curriculum! 
(The day is geared to adults who are teaching the curriculum or helping their children with homework. High school students will benefit too!)

Another Lost Tools workshop will be hosted by the Connection School  (http://www.theconnectionschool.org)  on Saturday, August 27th (2016) from 9am - 3:30pm.
We’ll complete the first LTW lessons together so everyone can leave with understanding and confidence to begin teaching these powerful thinking tools.
The cost is $47. Location is near 290 and Fry/Cypress Rosehill. (15815 House and Hahl Rd., Cypress)
We’ll take 45 min for lunch, so you can bring your own or go out to one of the many area restaurants.